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In this lesson, we are going to learn how to say goodbye to people when we leave them.

A formal meeting

John : Oh! I have another appointment. I have to go.

Allie : No problems John. See you later.

John : Yes. Goodbye Allie. It was pleasure talking to you.

Allie : Same here.

Another formal example

John : Thank you for the wonderful party.

Allie : You are welcome. It was a pleasure.

John : We have to leave now. Goodbye!

Allie : Goodbye! See you soon.

Friends at a bus stop

Allie : My bus is here. See you tomorrow!

John : Bye Allie!

Allie : Bye bye John!

Another informal goodbye

John : Hey gotta go! Catch ya later Allie!

Allie :Sure John. See ya!

One more example

Allie : Hey John! I am going home now.

John : Okay Allie. Take care!

Allie : Sure! You too!

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