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In this lesson, we will study how to talk to someone about historical figures.

Talking About Gandhi

Kate: Hey, John! What are you reading?

John: I’m reading a book on Gandhi.

Kate: Oh! Is it good ?

John: Yeah, it’s really good. Gandhi inspires me deeply. He led India to independence.

Kate: Well, that must’ve been hard.

John: It was hard. But do you know he didn’t use any force or weapons? He just believed in non-violent civil disobedience.

Kate: That’s inspiring. If only there were more people like him these days!

Talking About Thomas Edison

Kate: Hey Chris, I need your help with something.

Chris: Sure! What is it?

Kate: We were having a Science class and my teacher asked me about Edison. I didn’t know anything about him so I got really embarrassed.

Chris: That’s bad, Kate. He’s such a popular historical figure.

Kate: I’m not good in History. Who was he?

Chris: vThomas Alva Edison. The guy invented electricity, Kate!

Kate: Oh, great! I’m even more embarrassed now.

Talking About Abraham Lincoln

Chris: Hey John! I heard you were reading a book about Gandhi.

John: Yes, I was. But I want to read more about Abraham Lincoln now. Do you know anything about him?

Chris: Of course! He is my favorite president.

John: He’s everyone’s favorite president I guess. The whole country was in shock after his assassination.

Chris: I can only imagine the commotion after the shock. What’s sad is that he was killed by an actor.

John: I know. That’s really sad. John Wilkes Booth, right?

Chris: That’s right. Hey, did you watch the latest movie about Lincoln?

John: I did. It’s awesome. Daniel Day-Lewis is an inspiration for us actors.

Chris: He’s amazing. I’ll watch it this weekend.

Talking About Mother Teresa

Kate: Hey Bob, tell me the name of a historical figure you admire.

Bob: Just like that?! Hmm...okay...I know: Mother Teresa!

Kate: Who was she?

Bob: You don’t know?! Well, she was a nun and a missionary. She devoted herself to working among the really poor people.

Kate: Where was she from? And when was she born?

Bob: Gee! Gimme a break. I’m not Google. But why do you ask?

Kate: Just asking. I need to learn more about historical figures.

Bob: Oh, I see. What you need is to read more, girl!

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