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In this lesson, we are going to order a pizza.

Let’s order a Pizza

Jacob : Let’s order a pizza for lunch today.

Emma : Great idea Jacob! Which pizza do you want?

Jacob : I will have a cheese pizza with tomatoes and mushrooms on it.

Emma : I want olives and chicken on mine.

Giving the order

Waiter : I am Jack, your waiter. What would you like to order?

Emma : I want a pizza with olives and chicken.

Jacob : A pizza for me too, but with tomatoes and mushrooms.

Waiter : That’s two pizzas. Anything else?

Emma : Yes two glasses of fresh orange juice.

Waiter : It’s going to take 15 minutes to bring your order.

The pizza arrives

Waiter : Here are your pizzas. Enjoy!

Jacob : Thank you.

Emma : Mmm... My pizza looks delicious.

Jacob : Mine too. It’s very tasty!

Emma : Would you like to have a slice from my pizza?

Jacob : Sure! If you will have a slice from mine.

Getting a pizza delivered

(hold a phone)

Jacob : The pizza parlor. What would you like to order?

Emma : Hi! I want to order a large mushttroom-cheese pizza.

Jacob : Sure ma’am. What’s your address?

Emma : Please deliver it to 123, Acme street.

Jacob : Sure! Would you like any side orders.

Emma : Yeah! Okay. Some garlic bread please.

Jacob : Okay. One large mushroom-cheese pizza and garlic bread.

Emma : That’s right.

Jacob : Your pizza will reach you in 30 minutes.

The pizza is not tasty

Emma : This pizza is not very tasty.

Jacob : Yeah, it doesn’t taste fresh.

Emma : They took a long time to deliver.

Jacob : I don’t like this pizza at all.

Emma : Do you want to order something else?

Jacob : Yes, let’s get some burgers instead.

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