Going to the Hairdresser - Speaking English Fluently

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In this lesson, we’ll see words and phrases we can use during or after a visit to the hairdresser.

You Had a Haircut

Charlie: Hey Ronnie. What’s up?

Ronnie: Not much. Where have you been?

Charlie: I was at a salon. I’ve just got a new haircut.

Ronnie: Yeah man. I noticed. You’re looking good with short hair.

Charlie: I don’t know. I had my last haircut three months ago. Are you sure I’m not looking weird?

Ronni: Just chill. You look cool. This haircut is trendy. Girls are gonna love it.

Charlie: That’s encouraging. I hope you’re right.

You Need a Haircut

Charlie: Good morning.

Kemp: Good morning. What can I do for you today?

Charlie: I just need a haircut.

Kemp: Sure. How would you like me to cut it?

Charlie: Short, please.

Kemp: Yes, Sir. I see your hair’s quite rough. I’ll shampoo it first.

Charlie: No problem. Just make sure you cut it short but not too short.

You Got a Bad Haircut

Charlie: Hey Julie. You look different.

Julie: I had my hair cut, Charlie! Didn’t you noticed it?

Charlie: Oh, yes! Of course!

Julie: I just really don’t like it. I think I got a bad haircut.

Charlie: C’mon. It’s not that bad.

Julie: See?! Even you hated it. It is really bad. I feel awful.

Charlie: Good thing about hair is that it’ll grow again, Julie!

Trying to Fix a Bad Haircut

Julie: Hello! I’m in desperate need of your help, Kemp.

Kemp: Wow. You do sound like it.

Julie: I got this very bad haircut while traveling and now I just want to have it fixed. Any suggestions?

Kemp: Hmm...this cut made your hair look stringy!

Julie: Yes, I hate the excessive layers. I want you to cut it short. I also want curls if possible.

Kemp: Cutting it short won’t be a problem. And I’ll curl your ends toward your face to add volume. You’ll look great!

Julie: It’s all I want. Thank you!

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